Starke County Forest

Starke County Forest

Established in 2011 to set an example of environmentally sound management of woodlands and wetlands, while providing public access so that citizens can learn about and enjoy nature.  Income from forest management operations on the property pays for the maintenance of the property.

The property, 129 acres in Section 23 of Washington Township, Starke County, Indiana, includes 5 miles of walking trails giving access to approximately 22 acres of ponds and marshes, 40 acres of
native woodlands, 62 acres of tree plantings of different ages, and 5 acres of open areas.

Public access is welcome for hiking, bird watching, and cross-country skiing dawn to dusk.
Access is from a parking area at 10625 East Division Road.  No motorized vehicles are allowed beyond the parking area with the property accessed by walking trails.

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