Ordinances 2019

Negative Fund Balance Correction 2019

Mailbox Damage Policy 2019

Establishing the manner and for in which the Recorder may provide bulk form copies to bulk user 2019

Annual Employee Recognition Event 2019

Watermark Bulk Copies 2019

Recommendation to Election Board to Commence Process for Implementation of Vote Centers

Enhanced Access Fund-Fee 2019

Allocation of Funds Contingent Upon the Constellation of Starke Being Selected as a Stellar Community 2019

Solar Energy Ordinance 2019

Auditor Transfer Fee 2019

Commissioners Auditor Transfer Fee

Council Auditor Transfer Fee

Credit Card Policy

Dog Noise Abatement

Travel Expense Policy Amended

Alarm Systems Regulation Ordinance

Industrial Park TIF 2019

Knox Redevelopment Area 2019

Travel Policy

Starke County Leash Law

Covert Law Enforcement Transaction Fund

Fund Transfer to Establish Covert Law Enforcement Transaction Fund

Roads 1st Amendment to Golf Cart Ordinance

Establishment of the Farm Fund