Starke County Commissioners Restrict Public Access to County Buildings

Last night the Commissioner’s adopted two policies (see attached) regarding policies and procedures for employees and one for temporary closure to the public. To highlight some areas:

The county employees will report to work unless ill.  If any resident has business to conduct at any of the county buildings, call, email, mail, or teleconference a department representative for assistance.  Members of the public will not be allowed into the county buildings until further notice.  Unauthorized members of the public refusing to leave immediately upon request may be subject to removal by the security staff.

An appointment may be scheduled at the discretion of the elected officials or other department head.  Exceptions can be made for emergencies.

The judicial branch will issue its own policy.

The commissioners stress the temporary closure is to help combat the severe threat to public health and safety posed by COVID-19.

A notice signed by the commissioners will be posted at each entrance to each county building under the temporary order.

Temporary Operational Policy

Temporary Closure