Credit Card Policy

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The BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF STARKE COUNTY INDIANA (the “Commissioners”) does hereby ORDAIN and ADOPT the following policy governing all use of credit cards or similar credit transaction products by persons conducting business on behalf of Starke County government or any of its various offices, departments, boards or subunits, according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Authorization for Use of Credit Cards. The Board of Commissioners of Starke County, Indiana, (or its designee) possess sole authority over the issuance of County Credit Cards, or any similar line of credit or credit transaction product.
  2. Designation of Credit Card Issuer. The Commissioners shall designate a bank or credit card company as the sole issuer of credit cards to all Starke County departments, boards and offices.
  3. Purchasing Agents as Applicant. The Purchasing Agent may apply to the Commissioners for issuance of a credit card in the name of their department or office, and shall pay the annual fee for its issuance, if any.
  4. Accounting System. The Purchasing Agent shall maintain an accounting system which shall include the name of the Purchasing Agent, their position, estimated amounts to be charged, reason for the charge, fund and account numbers to be charged, and the date the card was issued and returned.
  5. Use, Custody, Submission of Claims, Interest and Late Fees.
  6. The Auditor’s Office will maintain physical possession of county credit cards, unless a written order or directive from the Commissioners provides otherwise. Cards will be signed out only as needed, and will be promptly signed back after the purpose for which it was signed out has been accomplished, accompanied by documentation required by this policy as interpreted and implemented by the Auditor.
  7. Submission of claims to the Auditor shall include the invoice and all supporting documents such as conference information, mileage report, validation of conference registration, the credit card transaction receipt, purchase receipt, or other documentation consistent with the policies of the Auditor’s Office.
  8. Any interest, penalty or fee incurred due to late filing of the claim or furnishing of documentation as required by the Auditor, or failure to ensure tax exempt status on any purchase shall be the responsibility of the Purchasing Agent.

6. Charge Limit. The Commissioners may set a monthly charge limit for each card issued under Section 3 above. 7. Permitted Uses.

  1. The Starke Circuit Court, including Probation, Community Corrections, the Starke County Sheriff, and the Starke County Prosecutor may use Credit Cards in accordance with their Department’s written policies. However, such policies may not allow any use prohibited by Section 8, below.
  2. Otherwise, the credit card shall be used exclusively for travel and training purchases for which there is an existing and sufficient appropriate at the time of the use, and for which the use is not prohibited hereunder.
  3. For good cause shown, the Commissioners may allow exceptions or expansions of credit card use on a case by case basis.

8. Prohibited Uses.

A county credit card shall not be used for any of the following purchases or transactions:

  1. Any purchase for which there is not an existing and sufficient appropriation at the time of use.
  2. Any cash advance.
  3. Any personal or non-business purchases, including meals which may be reimbursable.
  4. Any alcoholic beverage.
  5. Fuel, maintenance or repairs for a non-county-owned vehicle (except rental cars).
  6. Discontinued Use. When the purpose for which the card has been issued has been accomplished, or if use of the card has been discontinued, the card shall be promptly returned to the custody of the Auditor.
  7. Loss, Theft or Data Breach. Any person in possession of a county card that shall conclude that the card has been lost, or subject to a data breach or hack, shall promptly report the incident to the Auditor and the card shall be immediately frozen or terminated.
  8. Misuse of Card. The Auditor shall report any misuse of a county credit card promptly to the Commissioners. The Commissioners may revoke credit card privileges of any Purchasing Agent or other employee of agent of the county for violation of the terms of this policy. In addition, serious violation may support disciplinary action, including termination.

ALL OF WHICH IS ORDAINEDTHIS 17 day of June 2019, by the following vote: