Establishment of the Farm Fund

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THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF STARKE COUNTY, INDIANA (the “COMMISSIONERS”), after consultation with the Sheriff of Starke County, find that the Starke County Sheriff has initiated a program entitled “Fostering A Recovering Mentality” (“FARM”) as part of the system of therapeutic and rehabilitation programs at the Starke County Jail and related facilities; and,

WHEREAS the FARM program teaches skills including gardening, crafts, woodworking, and that these training programs generate revenue from the sale of garden produce, craft and woodworking items and similar sales; and,

WHEREAS the Sheriff desires to direct the funds so generated to inmate services and training and equipment for jailers and other jail related staff.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Commissioner that:

The FARM Fund be created to receive funds from sale of garden products and other items created as part of the FARM program, and that such funds be allocated for use by the Sheriff to support inmate services including substance abuse treatment programs and educational materials, equipment and supplies used in the FARM program, and for training programs and equipment for jailers and other staff. The Auditor, in consultation with the Treasurer, shall assign an appropriate fund number to the FARM Fund.

This Ordinance shall become effective on April 15, 2019. The fund so created shall be perpetual until amended or revoked by future action of the Board of Commissioners.

Adopted by the STARKE COUNTY COUNCIL, and approved on this 1 day of April, 2019, by the following vote:

Board of Commissioners of Starke County, Indiana