Mailbox Damage Policy 2019

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Mailbox Repair/Replacement Policy


The Starke County Highway Department is responsible for maintaining county road rights-of-way. This includes removing snow and ice from the traveled portion of the roadway. Any mailbox damaged by snow and ice thrown from the roadway shall be considered an unavoidable event. The Starke County Highway Department does not claim responsibility for such instances and will not replace or reset mailboxes when this occurs.


If a Starke County Highway Department vehicle directly impacts a mailbox that was located more than 5 feet from the edge of the roadway and causes damage to the box, the highway department will repair or replace the box with a standard mailbox and post.


Mailbox damage should be reported as soon as possible to the Starke County Highway Department by telephone at 574-772-3011 or email at When reporting damage please provide the resident’s name and telephone number, address where the damage occurred and date of the occurrence, if possible.


It is the responsibility of individual residents to ensure mailboxes are placed at least 5 feet from the edge of the roadway and maintained in good order. Residents are strongly encouraged to call 811 at least three days prior to placing a mailbox post to ensure underground utilities are property located and marked. The county is not responsible for damage caused by failure to locate utilities.


The Starke County Highway Department uses GPS and video recording technology to monitor the locations of our trucks and the speed at which they are traveling. All claims of mailbox damage will be investigated by the Starke County Highway Department to determine whether repairs are the department’s responsibility in accordance with this policy. If the mailbox repair is not the Starke County Highway Department’s responsibility, the owner will be notified by telephone.