Temporary Closure

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IN RESPONSE TO THE SEVERE THREAT TO PUBLIC HEALTH POSED BY THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF STARKE COUNTY, INDIANA (the Commissioners) hereby ORDERS the IMMEDIATE CLOSURE of all County Offices and related facilities to any and all persons other than current Employees, Staff, Officials, Consultants and Contractors (hereinafter called “Authorized Persons”).

l. Scope of Application. This ORDER is not applicable to county offices in the judicial branch, which are under the supervision of the Starke Circuit Court. In addition, in general, the Starke County Sheriffs Department is under the supervision of the Sheriff. This is an executive ORDER and is applicable to most other executive and administrative functions of the County. If you are unsure, ask the elected official or other department head for additional information.

  1. Purpose. This Closure is a temporary measure to help combat the severe threat to public health and safety posed by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. This Closure excludes the Public from entering or being within any County building or enclosure so long as this order remains in effect. For the purposes of this ORDER, the Public is defined herein as any person who is not an Authorized Person. Unauthorized members of the Public attempting entry or refusing to leave immediately upon request may be subject to removal by security staff.
  2. Conduct of Business to Continue During the Closure. County business will continue during the Public Closure. Employees, staff, officials, consultants and contractors (“Authorized Persons”) will continue working on the important business of local government during this difficult situation. However, the Public is asked to conduct business with the County without personally coming into the building. Telephone, emails, US mail and teleconferencing are encouraged.
  3. Exceptions. In exceptional circumstances members of the Public may be allowed into County Offices for a personal meeting, but by prior appointment only. All such special appointments shall be at the discretion of elected official or other department head and shall be solely upon a showing that the matter is urgent one and cannot reasonably be conducted by electronic or paper communications. Such conditions are extraordinary and should not be routinely granted, and when granted all special appointments shall be conducted with the minimum number of people and for the minimum duration possible. When a citizen arrives for their appointment, courthouse security will confirm the appointment with the appropriate office, record the visitor’s name, time and office they are visiting.
  4. Effective Term. This ORDER shall take effect at 5:00 pm CDT on March 17, 2020 and shall continue until further notice of the Commissioners.
  5. Posting of Notices. A copy of the attached NOTICE shall be posted at each entrance to each county building effected.

ALL OF WHICH IS ORDERED this 17th day of March 2020 by the following vote: