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The Starke County Emergency Planning Committee will hold its meetings for the Year 2021 at 1:00PM (1300 CST) on the following dates: May 17, June 21, July 19 and August 16 and at such other times as shall be duly authorized by the act of the Committee or its Chairman. The meeting location will be the lower level meeting room in the Starke County Annex Building 53 E Mound Street Knox, IN 46534. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

The Starke County Emergency Plan for Hazardous Materials Incidents may be reviewed during business hours at the office of the Auditor and/or Emergency Management, Knox, IN. All information covered by Sara Title III facilities in Starke County may be reviewed at these offices, and the Committee may charge a fee for copying. For further information on these matters, please contact Dave Pearman. Chairman (interim), at (574)249-0519.


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53 E Mound Street

Knox, IN 46534


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