Starke County Highway Department

Daniel Dipert


Amanda Fentress
Office Manager

3835 East 250 North
Knox, IN 46534

574-772-3011- Main
Email address: schighway@co.starke.in.us

Office Hours

Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 2:30pm Central Time

The Starke County Highway Department is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of county roadways and right-of-way. The department is also committed to the safety and quality of the road system in the county jurisdiction to provide travelers with the best system of roads possible. This system includes 799 miles of road (312.21 square miles) and 58 bridges, serving 23,363 county residents. SCHD is responsible for the following maintenance, repair, and construction activities:
• Construction of New Bridges and Roads
• Paving
• Berming
• Patching of Asphalt Roads
• Cleaning of Roadside Ditches
• Removal of Trees and Brush from Roads and County Right-of-Way
• Removal of Snow
• Grading of Gravel Roads
• Installation of Culverts under County Roads and in County Right-of-Way
• Repair of Tile under County Roads and in County Right-of-Way
• Repair of Wash-outs
• Placement and Maintenance of Road Signs
• Shoulder Dressing
• Maintenance of County Highway Vehicles
• Chip and Seal Maintenance of Asphalt Roads
• Erosion Control
• Roadway Assessments
• Construction Inspection of State Sponsored County highway projects
• Maintenance of Bridges
• Record Keeping in Compliance with the State Board of Accounts
• Maintain and adhere to the Starke County Snow and Ice Control Plan
• Maintain the County Transportation Improvement Plan

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