Starke County Surveyor

Bill Crase <>
53 East Mound Street
Knox, IN 46534
574-772-9135 — Main
574-772-9119 — Fax
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm Central Time

Starke County Road Map (pdf)(5.2MB on a 44kbps dial up it will take about 25 min.)

Starke County Drainage 2016 Map

Section Corners

Agency Functions

  1. Look over and and approve every building permit and subdivision that goes through the Starke County Planning Commission and conduct on-site inspections when necessary
  2. The following duties are in accordance with the duties of the Surveyor of Record for the following drainage boards (meetings held every month): (1) Starke-Pulaski, (2) Starke-Marshall, (3) Starke Regular, (4) Starke-Laporte-St. Joseph, (5) Starke-Marshall-Laporte-St. Joseph.
    1. Create and maintain minutes of each meeting.
    2. Create all drainage contracts and special provisions for excavating and spraying as well as all inspection reports and claims for contractors.
    3. Create and submit claims for Drainage Board members.
    4. Obtain permits from various Federal and State Regulatory agency concerning drainage projects.
    5. Create a Maintenance and Reconstruction priority list for all legal drains under each boards jurisdiction.
    6. Create Surveyor reports concerning all pertinent data on individual drains for each drainage board as needed
    7. Create and maintain Maintenance & Reconstruction assessment rolls for all assessed drains. (approximately 48)
    8. Service the public’s request for all information relating to these boards.
    9. Act as the drainage boards’ liaison between themselves and various state and federal agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Environmental Protection Agency.
    10. Schedule and conduct public hearings as well as serve notices on all interested parties in accordance with State and Federal law. (minimum of 2 per year per board)
    11. Inspect and report on allegations of obstructions of legal drains, mutual drains, and natural surface watercourse.
    12. Make determination of watersheds for regulated drains.
  3. Perform the duties of a member on the following boards: Kankakee River Basin Commission and Starke County Planning Commission.
  4. Maintain or arrange maintenance for 5% of the section corners in Starke County each year.
  5. Maintain and record all legal records dating from the 1800s to the present.