Allocation of Funds Contingent Upon the Constellation of Starke Being Selected as a Stellar Community 2019

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WHEREAS, THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF STARKE COUNTY, INDIANA has authorized and supported the participation of Starke County in a regional team application seeking Stellar Community designation from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (“OCRA”). The regional team, branded as the Constellation of Starke (“COS”) includes the four municipalities covering the County of Starke, Indiana: (l) the City of Knox, the Towns of (2) North Judson and (3) Hamlet, and (4) Starke County, participating behalf of all unincorporated areas of Starke County.

On the basis of its Letter of Intent (“LOI”) COS Stellar bid has heretofore been selected by OCRA as one of four finalists for the 2019 Stellar Community designation. Final preparation of the COS Stellar Community Regional Development Plan is now underway.

WHEREAS the COS Stellar Community Development plan has been developed with substantial public consultation and input through meetings and surveys, active participation of community leaders, and consultation with experts, officials and academics throughout the State of Indiana. This process produced a shared vision of the future of the COS region centered on an aggressive program of investments in community improvements to leverage the COS region’s outstanding natural resources, including lakes and rivers, to improve and modernize housing choices appropriate for all income levels, to improve social cohesion through flexible modern community facilities, healthful outdoor activities, and a network of trails, to revitalize downtown districts, to address the needs of families, and to combat the scourge of substance abuse and to help heal the many persons affected and their families.

THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, being duly advised, strongly supports the goals and plan of action set forth in the COS Stellar Community Regional Development Plan, and supports the commitment of resources necessary to implementing the plan to rapidly and dramatically transform and improve the quality of life and attractiveness of Starke County for residents, property owners and visitors alike.

WHEREAS the COS Stellar Community Regional Development Plan envisions substantial investments in the community, primarily to be funded by federal dollars, but also requiring the allocation of local resources, including local matching funds in the amount of approximately 20% of total project costs.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners that:

The Board of Commissioners of Starke County hereby supports and directs that the COS Stellar Community Regional Development Plan be submitted to OCRA before the September deadline;

AND, FURTHER RESOLVED that the BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS authorizes the COS Executive Committee to apply for the Stellar Community Designation and receive funding and/or tax credits or incentives, subsequent to this designation from the Indiana Department of Transportation (“INDOT”), the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority

(“IHCDA”), the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (“OCRA”), and the Indiana State

Department of Health (‘LISDH”), and,

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President of the Starke County Board of Commissioners, or his designee, is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to execute, acknowledge, and deliver in the County’s name and on its behalf, all applications, award agreements, documents, instruments, or writings, as are necessary and appropriate to consummate the COS Stellar Community application and receipt of any subsequent funding or commitments; and,

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that contingent upon the COS being designated as the Stellar Community Designee during or about December 2019, the Board of Commissioners hereby commits and allocates local match funds in the maximum amount of One Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($1,750,000.00), and not to exceed 2096 of total expenditures on Stellar Community projects actually funded and built (a) within Starke County, and (b) outside of the municipal boundaries of Knox, North Judson or Hamlet. This allocation shall be divided into four equal annual installments of a maximum of $437,500 per year for each of the following years: 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Nothing herein shall preclude the County from funding a portion of this allocation by in-kind services or other good and valuable consideration, subject to approval of the agency administering the specific grant. Nothing herein shall preclude the County from entering into cooperative inter-governmental agreements with other members of or contributors to the COS regional team, but any such agreement shall be in writing and approved by the executive body of each municipality that will participate in the agreement.

THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS HEREBY REQUESTS AND RECOMMENDS that the County Council of Starke County consider and after due deliberation approve and join in the contingent commitments set forth herein. ALL OF WHICH IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF STARKE COUNTY, and approved on this day of August, 2019, by the following vote:

Board of Commissioners of Starke County, Indiana