Community Survey

Hello Everyone,

Starke County is applying for a $250,000 grant to help businesses ($10,000 per business) and for food for residents. However, we get “points” if residents complete this survey. Basically a better chance of getting the grant. Can you post on your Facebook page please, if you have one? Please see the link below.

OCRA has told us that this is going to be a very competitive grant round.  One way to get points in the scoring is to have a community survey to get public input.  I have drafted a survey (see attached) to do this.  Please review and let me know if it looks Ok or if you want anything changed.  If it looks OK, is there a Starke County Facebook page that we could put a link to the survey on?  That usually gets a lot of replies.  If the county doesn’t have one, could the Chamber, Economic Development, or some other county-wide organization put it on their Facebook page?